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Achievement Centre - SEND Provision

Maiden Erlegh is committed to a policy of inclusion and our aim is to overcome barriers to learning and make sure that the needs of all students are met. At Maiden Erlegh the teaching, learning, achievements, attitudes and well-being of all students matters and we believe that all young people regardless of ability, need and behaviour are valued equally.

The Achievement Centre, within the Faculty of Personalised Learning, is here to provide help, encouragement and additional teaching to students who have been identified as having special educational needs or disabilities. Faculty staff provide appropriate support for students with special educational needs across the curriculum. We take a whole school approach in our provision for students with special educational needs, with all staff sharing in the support of their disabilities, difficulties, learning and welfare.

The 2014/15 SEND budget for Maiden Erlegh School is: £561,876.70 made up of the Notional SEN budget and Top Up/ High Needs funding.

Our priority is providing high quality teaching and pastoral care and effective interventions. The overwhelming majority of the money funds staff (Teaching Assistants, HLTAs, Senior Specialist Teaching Assistants and specialist administrative support for the Personalised Learning Faculty) and staff training for teachers and support staff to ensure this happens. In addition, the school funds SENCO costs and provides additional resources as appropriate eg: specialist IT and software, enlarged resources for visually impaired students etc.

We aim:-

  • To help every young person reach their full potential and optimise their self-esteem
  • To encourage the whole community to develop and demonstrate a positive attitude towards special educational needs and disabilities
  • To encourage and support young people to participate in all decision making processes in relation to their education and that their views are taken into account
  • To follow a graduated approach to Special Educational Needs where appropriate actions are matched to the needs and wishes of each young person
  • To support the students in building the skills and attributes necessary to develop their independence
  • To promote equality and consideration for others
  • To celebrate student achievement
  • To develop social skills

We provide:-

  • Classroom support across the curriculum where necessary
  • Confidence and Communication club
  • Handwriting club
  • Speech and Language group
  • Study Skills group
  • Motor Skills club
  • Homework club
  • A calm, supportive environment for those needing support during unstructured times
  • An enhanced transition programme for those needing additional support with the move to secondary school
  • Lots of understanding and expertise

In all of this work we aim to work as closely as possible with parents to complement the work they do in supporting their child towards these goals.

Head of Faculty (SENCO) Ms N McCaffrey
Achievement Centre Manger Mrs S Davis
Achievement Centre Administrators Mrs E Preston
  Mrs M Stacey
  Miss L Verlander
 Senior Teaching Assistants Mrs J Goodwin
  Mrs C Griggs
  Mrs J Neale
  Mrs E Wheeler

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