Attendance, Punctuality and Registration

We cannot teach them if they are not here!

Research shows that there is a direct correlation between high levels of attendance and punctuality and high levels of student attainment.

At Maiden Erlegh School, our average attendance is between 95% and 96%, which is well above the national average.  This has a direct, positive, impact on us helping your child get the results they deserve, and having the great school experience they deserve.

Attendance facts

  • Students with 90% attendance will have had the equivalent of 1 day off every 2 weeks.
  • Students with 80% attendance will have had the equivalent of 1 day off every week.

Punctuality facts

  • Being late means students miss out on education, just the same as being absent from school.  It also disrupts learning and teaching.
  • 5 minutes missed from lessons or tutor period due to being late every day equates to 3 days lost a year.
  • 15 minutes missed from lessons or tutor period due to being late every day equates to 10 days lost a year (2 weeks).
  • 30 minutes missed from lessons or tutor period due to being late every day equates to 19 days (nearly 4 weeks).

Everyone gets ill, that cannot be helped, indeed sometimes students are absent because they are on a trip or visit for another subject.  Whatever the reason, missing school is not without consequence on learning.  It is, therefore, important for students to understand that making up the missed work as soon as possible is essential to prevent them falling behind, and take responsibility for that. To do this they can:

  • Ask their friends if they can photocopy their work for them.
  • Make an appointment with a teacher to go through the missed work.
  • Look on Google Classroom.

Perhaps more damaging than the occasional few days off with an illness, is frequent “odd days” off or arriving late to school, especially when they hit the same lessons. This can create a vicious circle where students fall behind and cannot face coming back into those lessons. It is important to discuss this as soon as possible and parents should make appointments to see their child’s Head of Year or tutor immediately they see a pattern emerging. Similarly we will invite you to come into to school to meet with us if we are concerned so that we can help students get back up to full attendance.

If your child has a chronic condition which makes attending school regularly a significant challenge, then it is important that you make an appointment to see your child’s Head of Year and/or SENCO as soon as possible so that we can review the medical information you have and devise a reasonable support package.

Reporting absence

If you wish to report a student absence this can be done by emailing: The email should be sent from the email address that we have registered for the parent on our Management Information System. Alternatively, parents can contact the school by telephone (0118 926 2467) and follow the instructions for reporting a student absence.

Parents are requested to notify the school before 9.00am each day their child is absent. Where a student does not register for a morning session and there is no explanation for that absence, the Attendance Officer will contact the parents to inform them of this.

Medical and dental appointments should not be made during the school day unless absolutely necessary, in which case an email or a signed letter from the parent is required. In addition, students must sign in and out at reception.

We do not expect any parents to request permission for holidays for their children during the school term unless there are exceptional circumstances. Any requests should be submitted to the school at least 15 school days before the holiday dates, using this form. The final decision rests with the school.