Enterprise Advisor

Kathryn Scott

Kathryn started her career as a teacher but has spent the last 15 years in senior HR roles.  She has worked in various sectors including mobile telecommunications, media and professional services.  She is currently the HR Director for EMEA in a medium-sized business based in London.  Her value to the Enterprise Advisor role comes from her insight into how businesses hire and what they are looking for when acquiring talent.  She has run many graduate programmes, apprenticeship schemes and internships. 

The Enterprise Advisor Network is a national network that connects schools and colleges with employers and careers programmes to work together to create meaningful encounters with the world of work for young people.   The scheme helps unlock relationships with other local employers and provides the head teacher or careers team with strategic counsel to develop an effective careers strategy.   The premise is that the more encounters a young person has with employers the greater their chance of career success. 

Kathryn has been working with pupils from the school to prepare them for applications, interviews and to support their thinking in how to approach the world of work.