The Head of German is Mrs Peduru. We share 7 classrooms with the French and Spanish departments which all have interactive whiteboards. We also have 2 smaller rooms for speaking practice.


2016 A2 results: 100% A*-CWe are lucky that small class sizes enable us to tailor the teaching to individual students’ needs and to offer more time and support with each student in lessons.Over recent years students have taken various paths eg. French and German at Exeter and at Oxford, German with Spanish ab-initio at Bristol; others have got onto competitve courses at university and have found that having German AS or German A Level has differentiated them positively from other students.The examination board we use is AQA.AS:


Last year’s GCSE results: 87% A*-CEach year an average of 50 students study German at GCSEThe exam board we use is AQA


By the end of Foundation students will know vocabulary from a wide variety of topics such as free time activities, holidays, school life and talking all about yourself. Students will know how to form the past, present and futures tenses as well as knowing how to use modal verbs, time phrases and opinion phrases.


HomeworkHomework will be set once a week for foundation and KS4 and every lesson for KS5.Homework activities could be anything from a piece of writing, to learning vocabulary on Quizlet in preparation for a test to a reading comprehension. Students might also conduct research about culture or record themselves speaking in German.Summative assessment happens 2 or 3 times per half term. There are regular vocabulary tests and we aim to test 2 skills every half term, this could be reading, writing, listening or speaking.Formative assessment is every 3 weeks.


German ‘Kekse Klub’ (Biscuit Club) for help and support in Year 10Quizlet – a fun and competitive way of learning vocabulary effectivelyLinguascope – a site where you can learn vocabulary and hear it used in different contextsBBC bitesize German – general – grammar practiceGerman assistant and volunteers from the University of Reading