More Able and Gifted Students

At Maiden Erlegh School we are determined to provide enrichment opportunities, to ensure pace and challenge in lessons for all students, including the most able and gifted.

In 2009, Maiden Erlegh School was the first school in Wokingham to achieve the prestigious national NACE Challenge Award for excellence in provision for able, gifted and talented students. We were re-accredited again in 2013, and more recently in 2017.

On arrival in Year 7, students are identified as Exceptionally Able and More Able based on their Key Stage 2 scores and Gifted based on exceptional performance in particular skills (eg: in sports, music, drama).

Class registers identify Exceptionally Able and More Able students and teachers use that information to ensure that lessons and homeworks stretch them sufficiently. All Departments have specific strategies for meeting the needs of Exceptionally Able and More Able, and schemes of work show what provision is made for them.

Heads of Department keep logs of students who are gifted in their subject areas and ensure they are given opportunities to use and develop their skills and talents in lessons and outside the classroom.

A number of extra-curricular and enrichment activities are provided during the course of the year to provide additional appropriate opportunities for able and gifted students.

Our provision for Exceptionally Able, More Able and Gifted students is outlined below.

To support our Exceptionally Able we run our Gold Programme in Key Stage 4 and have recently launched our Silver Programme for Foundation Level. For more information on the Gold and Silver programmes please see the attachments below. 

Mr Jonathan Newton, Cross Curricular Learning Coordinator, is the point of contact for information about provision for Exceptionally Able, More Able or Gifted students and for the Gold and Silver Programmes.