Parent Surveys

2018 Parent Surveys

90% of parents rate the school good to excellent with 65% rating the school as very good or excellent. The 2018 survey confirmed the areas of our work parents rate highly.

Over 36 separate questions scored 90% or higher, the top 26 being:

  • The sixth form transition process helped my child settle in (both former and non-MES students).
  • My child is safe in school*.
  • Y8 Options: the opportunity to find out about individual subjects*.
  • Y8 Options: the range of subjects on offer.
  • Usefulness of website.
  • My child feels safe in school*.
  • Management of punctuality*.
  • Students show respect for cultures/religions*.
  • Students show respect for girls/women.
  • Management of attendance/truancy.
  • Y6 transition: Maiden Erlegh staff were helpful.
  • Quality of cyber-safety education.
  • Students show respect for LBGT*.
  • Students show respect for disability*.
  • Y6 transition: how well your child settled in.
  • Y11 transition: information about ME Sixth Form was useful.
  • My child has settled well into the sixth form.
  • My child understands their Individual Learning Plan (ILP) and how it will help them (Y12).
  • Overall quality of teaching.
  • Leadership and management.
  • Y6 transition: quality of transition information.
  • Quality of healthy living education.
  • Communication between school and parents*.
  • Usefulness of Newsblast.
  • Prevention of harassment (Equality Act protected groups).
  • Quality of challenge.

*All of these areas, plus a further 12 more, showed an improvement on last year.

Other areas showing improvements, especially in the very top scores were:

  • My child feels happy in school.
  • Student resilience and perseverance.
  • Explaining to parents how to help their child.
  • Dealing with bullying.
  • Student behaviour in and outside lessons.
  • Student attitudes to learning.
  • Range of extra-curricular activities.
  • Quality of sex and relationships education.
  • Quality of mental health and wellbeing education.
  • Sixth form participation in work experience.

Priorities set by parents for the next year:

  • Continued work on mental health and developing self-esteem.
  • Continued work to help all parents understand the new reports and how they can help learning conversations at home.
  • Review of homework and independent learning activities especially: independent research, memorisation learning and use of Google Classroom.
  • The work on teacher recruitment, retention and the reduction of cover is an on-going priority for the school.