Parent Surveys

2020 Parent Surveys

96% of parents rate the school good to excellent (an increase of 4% on 2019) with 75% rating the school as very good or excellent (an increase of 11% on 2019). The 2020 survey confirmed the areas of our work parents rate highly and 91% of parents would recommend us to others...

Over 50 separate questions scored 90% or higher, the top 20 being:

  • Overall Quality of teaching
  • Quality of challenge
  • Developing independent learning skills in students
  • Development of revision & rote learning skills
  • Communication between school and parents
  • Explaining to parents how to help their child
  • Leadership & Management
  • Attitudes in lessons
  • Support for disadvantaged students
  • My child is safe in school
  • Prevention of bullying
  • Students show respect for cultures/religions
  • Students show respect for LBGT
  • The appropriateness of homework
  • The quantity of homework
  • Quality of cyber-safety education
  • Quality of SRE
  • Quality of healthy living education
  • Quality of mental health/wellbeing education
  • Quality of our equality education

*36 areas in total showed an improvement on 2019.

Priorities set by parents for the next year:

  • Parents evenings and how to improve the quality of them
  • Helping non MES students settle into the 6th form
  • Exploring opportunities for wider reading and research
  • Improving the character and mental health education provided