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Student Services

We are very proud of the quality of our pastoral care which means that despite the size of the school, students are known and valued as individuals. Each student is part of a tutor group and has their own personal tutor in Foundation (Year 7 and Year 8) and in Key Stage Four (Years 9 to 11). In the Sixth Form we have a specialist tutor team in Years 12 and 13.

Each group of tutors is led by a Pastoral Leader, who is responsible for coordinating support for the year group in their academic work, but also ensuring they have access to leadership and enrichment opportunities. To this end, they are supported by Activity Leaders who organise events and competitions throughout the year. Staff and students agree that these opportunities are exceptional and by joining in, students’ experience of the school is significantly enriched.



Mrs A Walker (Deputy Headteacher Personal Development, Behaviour and Wellbeing)

Mr G Thomas (Assistant Headteacher Foundation Stage)

Mr P Gillett (Assistant Headteacher Key Stage 5 with oversight of Year 11)

Mrs B Ghatahora (Head of Key Stage 4)

Mrs C Nimmo (Pastoral Leader Year 7)

Mrs S Bendall (Pastoral Leader Year 8)

Mr T Crockford (Pastoral Leader Year 9)

Miss S Grindey (Pastoral Leader Year 10)

Miss M Pedder (Pastoral Leader Year 11)

Miss L Butler (Pastoral Leader Year 12)

Mrs S Thwaites and Mrs R Wyatt (Pastoral Leaders Year 13)


Mrs K Wakelin (Supporting Careers and Employability Years 11-13)

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