Non-Uniform Day - Thursday 10 October 2019

On Thursday 10 October Maiden Erlegh School will be holding a non-uniform day as part of World Mental Health Day #HelloYellow.  The theme is ‘yellow’ and all students wishing to take part should wear something yellow.


There will be a donation to ‘Young Minds’ for Youth Mental Health and the rest will be used to provide additional counselling services in Maiden Erlegh School for any students with mental health concerns.


There will be no compulsion to take part in this non-uniform day and students will be able to wear their school uniform if they wish.  However, if they choose non-uniform they will be expected to donate £1- £2 during tutor time on Thursday 10 October.


Students are expected to dress neatly, clothes should be clean, without rips or tears and free from offensive slogans.  Students are not permitted to use coloured hairspray or face paints, or bring them to school.  Sixth form students will still be expected to wear their yellow lanyards to identify themselves. Normal behaviour expectations will apply.  Anyone who is inappropriately dressed will be asked to see their Head of Year.


We hope that all students will participate in fundraising for these very worthy causes.