Why study Chemistry?

As well as being a compulsory requirement for such courses as medicine, dentistry, forensic science and pharmacy, chemistry is a highly regarded qualification, which complements other STEM subjects. Chemicals like cosmetics, foods, medicines, fertilisers and fuels all play a very important role in our lives, and therefore generate numerous interesting employment opportunities. By helping to develop analytical thought it is a real asset to those seeking careers in such areas as law and business management. The course is designed to stimulate and sustain interest in chemistry. It shows the relationship between the development of the subject and its application to our lives. It illustrates its value to society and how it may be used responsibly. It fosters imaginative and critical thinking as well as the acquisition of knowledge. Through practical work, skills in laboratory procedures and techniques are developed, and some of the concepts underlying the subject are discovered.

More information about Chemistry can be found in the subject film below or in our Sixth Form Prospectus (on our website).