Chess Club

Checkmate Chronicles: Celebrating Three Years of Chess Excellence

The Chess Club has been making strategic moves for three consecutive years. Every Monday after school in Room L8, a vibrant community of chess enthusiasts gathers to engage in battles of wit and strategy.

This year, the club has reached new heights, reaching picks of 50 students. Our “Queens and Kings” come together to challenge each other in blitz games, rapid games, or the classic endless games. The diversity of our club is a testament to its inclusivity, welcoming students from year 7 to year 12. It's not just a game; it's a serious pursuit for some, showcasing the dedication and passion that our members bring to the chessboard.

Within the club, different motivations drive its members. Some students join to spend quality time with friends, others share intriguing openings and tricks, each move a step towards becoming a more skilled chess player.

We have over 15 chessboards for students to practice their moves. Our club evolves into a chess tournament scheduled for the upcoming spring.

As the excitement builds, all eyes are on our current champion, Arthur (in y12). Having secured the title, he now faces the challenge of defending his achievement. To Arthur and all participants, we wish you the best of luck on the board and in the pursuit of chess mastery.

A special thanks to the members of staff who join in sharing their experience and expertise, to y12 students who look after some of our younger players as part of their community service and to Corey and Matthew (in y10) for helping me set up the new chess tournament.