Computer Science


Welcome to computing! Throughout your time with us we will be constantly building your skills and all of our lessons have a focus on problem-solving and building independence, so that you can be successful in all your lessons. We will look at understanding the strengths and weaknesses of using computer systems; rules for safe conduct online, including e-safety; teach you programming skills, for example, Small Basic; learning about networks . Along with a whole range of creative topics where you will develop your skills in creating using a wide range of different software applications. If you decide to take Computer Science at GCSE, we will build upon this knowledge and skills and also introduce a new programming language of Python.


“What is a computer?”

Write a short paragraph to explain (in your own opinion) what makes a computer a computer? Consider what a computer is made up of. Is a watch a computer? Is a TV a computer? Is an iPad a computer? Can you include examples of computers which are a little unusual? Finally, what do you think computers will look like in 20 years’ time?