Design Technology, Food and Health and Social Care

We can define Technology as the knowledge, making and usage of tools, techniques, crafts and systems to solve problems. We develop technologies to benefit ourselves and control our environments. Technologies are applied to different disciplines and they allow us to become a more advanced society.

The Technology Faculty encompasses a diverse range of subjects. These are:

  • Design Technology
  • Food Preparation and Nutrition
  • Health and Social care

All subjects within the faculty are not static – they continue to evolve every year. Teachers and students are expected to maintain a robust knowledge of the key developments and issues in their subjects. Departments within the faculty are very well equipped with tools and computing facilities to enable the 15 teachers to deliver high quality lessons.

All students in Foundation level study each of the subjects. A significant proportion of students elect to continue in Key Stage 4. There are many specialist pathways at A Level and there are commendable results in each discipline.

Mr J Nash (Head of Department)