Eco Club

Eco Club is welcome to all year groups, including sixth formers, and runs every Wednesday after school in F11.

The club was set up in the 2021/2022 school year and the students got stuck in straight away, running their own projects with the support of older students where needed. This included:

  • Educating about fairtrade with posters
  • Running competitions such as designing a birdhouse and anti-littering posters
  • Making the winning birdhouse designs

  • Writing articles for the school newspaper
  • Meeting with the head of the trust to discuss areas where we can improve the school’s environmental footprint

All this and more earned Maiden Erlegh a Green Schools Eco Flag award which is proudly displayed in the dining room.

Since September 2022 the members have been busy actioning their new and exciting ideas such as:

  • Setting up a book swap point to collect GCSE textbooks and English literature books from Sixth Formers so they can be reused by other students

  • Planting more trees around the school field to increase biodiversity
  • Improving paper recycling in classrooms
  • Meeting with the Headteacher, Mr Gibson, to buy more recycling bins for the dining rooms and Sixth Form common room
    • Building a display board to showcase Eco Club’s projects

Eco Week Nature Photography Winners  - November 2023

 Winners - Year 7
First place - Henry J (Attenborough)

Second place - Zachary W (Curie)

Third place - Orson L (Yousafzai)

Winners - Year 8
First place - Sherlock M (Attenborough)

Second place - Jonathon P (Yousafzai)

Third place - Holly Y (Wilde)

Winners - Older Years
First place - Emma E (Attenborough)

Second place - James CP (Curie)

Third place - Manasvi D (Bolt)