Where can I find more information?


How will the pupils get to and from the centre?

Transport to the centre and back is by coach. Minibuses are used at the centre. All are fitted with seatbelts.

What time do the pupils depart?

Approximately 13:30 pm from school

What time will the pupils return?

The pupils should return at approximately 13:30 pm. It is difficult to be more specific than this and can we ask that parents do not contact the office for an estimated time of arrival. Pupils, on arriving, should be collected and taken home.

Does my child need any specialist equipment?

All specialist equipment is provided by the centre. Any equipment brought by the pupils must be checked by a member of the centre's staff before being used.

Does my child need spending money?

There is little opportunity to spend great sums of money. The centre shop sells crisps and drinks along with gift items and T/sweat shirts.

Can my child bring a mobile phone?

Yes - ONLY for use on the coach transfer then mobile phones will be taken off of the students during their stay at the centre. 

The following items are strictly forbidden at the centre:

Chewing gum; Cigarettes; Alcohol

How much does it cost?

The total cost is £350.00 (7 day trip) - all payment should be received prior to departure.

Who will staff the trip?

Two qualified teachers from school will lead the group.

What if my question is not answered here?

Prior to departure please contact Mr Lawrence - LAW@maidenerleghschool.co.uk