Food and Health and Social Care

Welcome to the Food and Health and Social Care Department. We are a thriving and successful department. Our team consists of the Head of Department, a Co-ordinator of Health and Social care as well as two other members of staff ( one part time to the department) with specific specialist skills related to the two subject areas. We have a large number of students choosing to take Food at GCSE and those who opt to study BTEC health and Social care find the course most beneficial to their future careers.

The department has two well equipped, up to date kitchens. Students have access to some desk top computers as well as a class set of netbooks.

Mr J Nash ( Head of Department)


In Food and Nutrition we follow the AQA syllabus, which can be accessed using the following link:

We also offer the BTEC course in Health and Social Care. The syllabus for this course can be accessed here:


  • Year 7 Food

Students follow this course for 18 weeks. The focus is to develop practical cookery skills and to give a sound introduction to Personal and kitchen safety, safe food handling processes, the Eatwell Guide, the basic elements of nutrition and the role of ingredients. Students cook dishes such as fruit salad, pizza toast, fajita, a pasta dish and scones then apply and extend their knowledge by planning and making a product for a child’s party. Students are assessed throughout  all aspects of the course and an overall level is awarded for achievement in the final task

  • Year 8 Food  (Foundation)

Over the 18 week course, students further develop their practical cookery skills and confidence in the use of equipment by cooking dishes such as a savoury salad, apple crumble, pinwheels, turnovers, sauce dishes, koftas and goujon. At the same time they study nutrition and food hygiene in more depth, as well as topics such as food science, food provenance and food choice. This enables them to tackle the final task, where they are expected to modify a recipe based on a theme , then plan , prepare , cook and serve the final product. Students are assessed throughout  all aspects of the course and an overall level is awarded for achievement in the final task, in particular the research, planning, sensory testing and nutritional analysis



  • How often will this be given? – Homework in all subject areas  is set on a weekly basis
  • Homework activities might include preparation of ingredients, research, planning, evaluating or answering questions
  • Summative assessment – Given at the end of every topic with strengths and areas for improvement given by the teacher
  • Formative assessment – practical activities are marked, peer and teacher feedback are regularly provided and  students also regularly assess their own work, setting and evaluating targets on a weekly basis


  • Weekly revision sessions for Year 11 students
  • Coursework help drop-in sessions

Extra-curricular Opportunities

Master Chef Competition
Visit to a Health and Social Care setting