Further Support

Education changes rapidly and sometimes the way that your children do things may seem alien to you.  Words and phrases like 'chunking' and 'number lines' can be confusing and sometimes you may not be sure how best to support your child.

There are often courses for adult learners at our local colleges where you can gain further support:

There are a number of books available to help you to support your child in their studies.  We particularly like:

  • How to do maths to your children can too: the essential parents' guide by Naomi Sani (Primary)
  • Parent's survival guide to maths homework: make sense of your kid's maths by Andrew Brodie (Primary)
  • More maths for mums and dads (the teenage years) by Rob Eastway (Secondary)
  • Grammar for Grown-ups by Craig Shrives
  • Grammar for Grown-ups by Katherine Fry

If you think that there is a way that the school could help you to support your child in the development of their basic skills please do let us know.