Why study German?

Students enjoy learning German as it is logical, ordered and distinct. Working out the meanings of long compound nouns or simply words which resemble the English can be rewarding. In fact, students of German are known to acquire good vocabulary skills, a better understanding of the English language, have improved literacy and higher reading achievement, as well as enhanced listening and memory skills. Clearly, becoming linguistically aware develops higher thinking skills and improves the interpersonal skills required in everyday life and in any career.

Studying German at A level certainly gives students an edge. It is regarded as an academic subject and an extremely useful language by universities and employers alike and as Germany’s role in Europe and in business increases, German has never been so important.

Particularly in business, it should not be assumed that everyone speaks English; they do not. Foreign business partners feel at ease when conversing in their own language and meetings flow more easily, therefore being able to offer German in a competitive market is sought after.

A level German equips the student with a firm grasp of the language and an understanding of the culture and socio-political issues. Students find that it complements a wide range of other A-levels and can also be linked well with numerous degree subjects such as law, business, politics, history and of course with French or a new language from scratch.

More information about German can be found in the subject film below or in our Sixth Form Prospectus (on our website).