Key Staff

Staff Role Contact
Headteacher Mr P Gibson
Senior Deputy Headteacher Mrs A Morgan
Business Manager Mrs N Scott
Senior Assistant Headteacher Mrs S Bendall

Heads of Year/Pastoral Structure

Year Group Contact SLG Pastoral Link
Year 7 Miss C Nimmo Mr B Garner AHT
Year 8 Mr T Crockford Mr G Thomas AHT
Year 9 Mr S Bishop Miss S Young AHT
Year 10 Mr D Pringle Mr D Bell AHT and Mr R Buck AHT
Year 11 Mr S Bryant Mr P Gillett AHT and Miss A Cheshire AHT
Year 12 Miss K Birch Miss A Cheshire AHT and Miss E Roberts AHT
Year 13 Mrs L Garner and Mrs C Hill Miss A Cheshire AHT and Mr P Gillett AHT


Staff Member Oversight of:
Mrs J Bhadye AHT Safeguarding
Mental Health
CLA and ex CLA
Mrs S Bendall Senior AHT SENCO
Violet and Indigo Provision
Mr B Garner AHT Pupil Premium
Mr Bell AHT Equalities and Diversity
Mr Buck AHT Young Carers