Maiden Erlegh School Parents Association

Maiden Erlegh School Parents' Association (MESPA) is a lifeline and a huge support for the work of the school.

MESPA recognises that parents are busy people and so has a range of ways for you to contribute and take part in the upkeep of the fabric of the buildings, and the life of the school.

It manages regular parental donations via bank transfers and standing orders; organises painting weekends; provides refreshments at school events; and runs the School Lottery. It also raises money from online shopping donations through Amazon Smile and

All the money raised – every penny – goes back into the school.

As children finish their schooling at Maiden Erlegh, parents stand down from MESPA, so it is always keen to welcome new parents, new donors, and new ideas to raise money and help the school.

Without the work of this group of unsung heroes, much of what we take for granted would not happen and we very much need more parents to join.

You can join MESPA through their website at All the dates of MESPA meetings are also publicised there.