Making the most of Parents Evenings

The purpose of parents’ evenings is for you to meet your child’s teachers and to check that everyone understands the progress your child is making: their strengths and areas for improvement. Teachers will refer to reports and some parents find it helpful to have access to them on the evening.

We actively encourage students to attend these meetings with their parents so that all parties hear the same messages. 

In order that these evenings run smoothly, we have put together some information and guidance which we hope will help.

Parents’ Evening Guidance

Appointments are made by parents online and slots during peak times (5pm to 6pm) tend to go first so please book early.

All Parents Evenings are held virtually with each slot usually 5 minutes long.   We have asked staff to stick to these times. If you feel you need a longer appointment, it may be more appropriate to make one (at another time separate to the Parents’ Evening).

 If you are not able to make an appointment with a teacher or you miss an appointment, then you can request feedback.  This feedback will be provided after the Parents Evening has taken place.  Whilst all staff are expected to attend parents’ evenings we would ask you to understand that sometimes members of staff are unavoidably absent.   Parents can contact these members of staff through the school email to request feedback. 

We are always pleased by how many attend parents’ evenings and we should like to thank you for your support. We hope that by following this guidance, the evenings can run even smoother than usual. If you have any further queries about your child’s Parents’ Evening, please contact the relevant Head of Year.