Modern Languages

Welcome to the Modern Languages Faculty. We are a thriving and successful faculty teaching 3 languages: French, German and Spanish. Our team comprises of a Head Spanish, Head of German, Head of French and seven teachers. For many years we have also successfully hosted trainee teachers who have all gone on to find positions in other schools or within this department.

The numbers of students choosing to take at least one language is growing year on year; and we also support and encourage students to study privately to gain qualifications in their mother tongues facilitating their exams. In the Sixth Form we have students studying Spanish, French and German to A Level. As part of KS3 and KS4 courses, we provide immersive language experience, cultural appreciation offering insight into the culture behind the language and high-quality standards. Our lesson are tailored to cater to various levels and learning styles. Additionally, students engage in a diverse range of activities that enrich their language learning journey. These activities include  photo, baking and writing competition, artwork creation and many more. Our A level students are highly successful and often go on to study languages at university and travel around the world.

The aim for the department over the next few years is to maintain the high standards already achieved and to continue to attract more students, both in Key Stage 4 and Key Stage 5.

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