By the end of Key Stage 3 what should the students be able to do?

  • Understand and manipulate the Elements of Music
  • Have developed their keyboard skills
  • Perform on a variety of instruments and sing with confidence both individually and as part of a group
  • Compose in a variety of styles
  • Listen to a wide variety of music and identify the musical features
  • Appraise their own work and the work of other students


  • Homework
    • How often will this be given? – Homework in music is set as and when appropriate in KS3  and once a week for KS4
    • Suggested homework activities might include researching the composer of the piece they are studying, practising for a performance, listening to pieces of music and answering questions
    • Summative assessment – Given after each assessment which is usually at the end of every topic (roughly every half-term) with strengths and areas for improvement given by the teacher
    • Formative assessment – listening activities are marked, peer and teacher feedback is given regularly during on-going practical tasks, students also regularly assess their own work, setting and evaluating targets on a weekly basis


  • Weekly revision sessions for Year 11 students
  • Coursework help drop-in sessions
  • Students may work in the practice rooms after school


Miss J Pitman - Head of Music Performing Arts