At Maiden Erlegh School we recognise  the personal development of students is a fundamental part of our academic and pastoral work. It is our intention to create good local, national and global citizens, who develop good character and resilience. To this end, we aim to develop students spiritually, morally, socially and culturally and ensure that they are treated as individuals whilst doing this.  We aim to teach students about British values, mutual respect and tolerance. 

We aim to deliver spiritual, moral, social and cultural education through all aspects of school life; curriculum, extra-curricular activities, the pastoral system, assemblies as well as themed events.

Our PSMSC provision incorporates both PSHE and SMSC.  We follow the recommendations laid out by the Department for Education and the PSHE Association. With this in mind a new PSMSC programme and has been developed and will be delivered to all students from September 2018.

Topics for all students are grouped into 6 core themes:

  • Emotional Wellbeing
  • Citizen and Community
  • Careers, Work Experience and Work Related Learning
  • British Values
  • Personal Health
  • Risk and Safety

Aside from Sex Education (which is predominately delivered with by the RE team in Key Stage 3 and 4), these sessions will be delivered by form tutors as part of our pastoral tutor programme and will be relevant to the age, understanding, cultural background and circumstances of the students. They will also reflect their needs in terms of language, learning styles and abilities.

Pastoral Days

Annually there will be a single day when all students will be off timetable and will take part in a themed pastoral day.  This will complement the delivery of the PSMSC programme in tutor time.

The content delivered in these days is as follows:

Year Group

Theme of the Day




Drugs and Alcohol


Sex and Relationships


Mental Health


Exam Stress and Preparation


Living away from Home

For more information on the content of the sessions being delivered to each year group please refer to the links below or contact Mrs Steph Bendall, SENCO and Designated Safeguarding Lead.



Year 11 PSMSC Amendment


Due to the COVID Pandemic and subsequent lockdown, the school reviewed some of the sensitive topics being introduced as part of the PSMSC programme in Year 10, these included in Term 5 on Sex and in Term 6 on Parenting.  Due to the sensitive nature of these topics and the fact we wished to support our students with the exploration of them, these were swapped with two topics, that would normally have been taught in Year 11.  These are:  Exam Prep and Democracy   These were completed by the students via Remote Learning during Lockdown.


We wish to reassure you that the students will receive the complete PSMSC curriculum, but in a slightly different order.


If you have any questions then please contact Miss C Nimmo via the Main School Office.