Performing Arts

Welcome to the Performing Arts department. We are a thriving and successful faculty teaching Music and Drama throughout the school. Our team comprises of a Head of Performing Arts/Head of Music, Head of Drama and two further Music and Drama teachers.

The numbers of students choosing to take Music and Drama at GCSE and A Level have grown this year, reflecting not only our success with excellent grades, but also the quality of the wider experience that students encounter in our extra-curricular programme. Our students are highly successful and often go on to study Music or Drama at university, or audition for Drama schools and Music colleges. With past students having been accepted to study at Oxford, we can put paid to rumours of these subjects being ‘soft options’.

The Key Stage 3 curriculum (Y7 and 8) is now well connected to KS4 learning and will teach students all the key skills and knowledge they need throughout Key Stage 3 and fully prepare them for GCSE Music, GCSE Drama or BTEC Performing Arts which they can opt to take in Year 9.

In addition to our taught curriculum, we also offer a range of extra-curricular activities, and trips. Please see our extra-curricular and trips section on the website.

The aim for the faculty over the next few years is to maintain the high standards already achieved and to continue to provide a fulsome enrichment programme.

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Miss J Pitman (Head of Music and Performing Arts)