Psychology is offered as an A level and taught across Year 12 and Year 13. The AQA specification provides students the opportunity to explore a range of topics such as Memory, Attachment, Social Influence, Psychopathology, Research Methods, Bio-psychology, Approaches, Schizophrenia, Relationships, Forensic psychology, Issues and debates.   Psychology is a diverse subject and often it compliments other A level subjects including Sociology, Law, English, Drama, Biology.  It is a popular subject opted by many students to study further at university. 


What skills do students acquire?

Students learn to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of psychological concepts, theories, research studies, research methods and ethical issues. they develop the skills to

apply psychological knowledge and understanding of the specified Paper 1 content in a range of contexts. Furthermore, high level skills of analysis, interpretation, and evaluation are practised.  Mathematical skills are enhanced and applied in exam questions.


All students are made aware of how to answer each question and transfer the skills through each paper. The question style, wording, skills, command words and marks awarded are made clear for students to understand and apply to assessments. Assessment help students to embed knowledge and build confidence of how to write, be prepared for examinations and to understand examiner expectations. Students practise two extended exam-style questions or an exam paper with short questions per half term, with written feedback.


Mr M Simon (Head of Department)