Sixth Form Applications

Please view the Prospectus and information below carefully before completing the Application Form available on the right. 

The deadline for all applications is MIDNIGHT FRIDAY 10 NOVEMBER 2023. Any applications received after this point will not be processed until July 2024. If you have missed this deadline, please complete the late application form available in the menu on the right. 

The majority of students will select three courses which they will continue throughout Year 12 and 13. It is important that they are committed to these subjects. A Levels are linear courses and that means that they will not be taught or assessed in modules and that the majority of the final grade will come from a final examination. Students will, therefore, be required to build up knowledge, understanding and skills over time and potentially use them all with a great deal of precision by the end of Year 13.

If a student wishes to enter an AS examination, we will support them to do so independently, but they will need to prepare and pay for it themselves.

Before students make their choices they need to ask themselves some key questions:

  • How well will I do in my GCSE examinations?
  • Which pathway will I most likely be on?
  • Which are my favourite subjects?
  • Which subjects am I best at?
  • Am I aiming for Higher Education, apprenticeship or training at the age of 18? (The UCAS website will tell you if you need particular qualifications to get access to Higher Education courses at 18.)
  • What sort of career am I likely to be interested in when I start looking for work?

Making your choices

Students may be aiming to carry on with subjects that they have studied at GCSE, but there are some post-16 courses of which they will have no experience.

  • Find out as much as you can about the content of the courses you are interested in.
  • Talk to teachers and students who have experience of the courses.
  • Read the details in the prospectus.
  • Visit the examination board websites to find out more.
  • Make sure you take advantage of additional opportunities in lessons, assemblies and after school meetings to find out about Sixth Form courses.
  • Talk to teachers who are closely involved with the work of the Sixth Form.

Student Pathways

Students through their individual meetings with the Key Stage 5 pastoral team will be guided to one of the pathways, outlined below.

External Applicants

Applications from students who have taken GCSE examinations elsewhere or equivalent qualifications are welcome. These applications are subject to the same entry criteria as those from students in Year 11 at Maiden Erlegh. In the event that places have to be limited for particular courses (e.g. due to health and safety regulations regarding numbers of students in laboratories or workshops, or due to teaching capacity available), places for internal students will be allocated on the basis of the total GCSE point score in the relevant GCSE subject. External applicants are referred to our Oversubscription Criteria on page 6 of our Admissions Policy which can be found on the school website.