The Sociology team consists of:-

  •          Mr Garner (Head of Department)
  •          Mrs Garner
  •          Mr Simon

Our KS5 Sociology Department is led Mr Garner, Head of Department. He is also a specialist leader of education. There are an additional two subject specialists who join him in delivering this highly popular A Level course. Designated classrooms are used, with each complete with interactive whiteboard facilities.


Sociology is delivered in Year 12 and Year 13. There are currently over 100 students in Year 12 and 90 students in Year 13. The AQA specification is followed, providing students with the opportunity to study Families & Households, Education, Research Methods, Beliefs in Society, Crime and Deviance (Criminology) and Sociological Theory. Many of our students decide to study Sociology at university. Others opt to study related subjects, including Law, Politics, Psychology, Criminology, Criminal Justice and Human Geography.


It is hoped that students will develop a passion for sociology, but we also want them to succeed! Assessment takes place frequently and involves using past examination-style questions to help monitor progress and achievement. These take place at different times during each half term. Useful feedback always helps to ensure that students make as much progress as possible. Students know that they can seek additional help and support by approaching the department.

Extra-curricular opportunities

We encourage our students to pay a visit to Reading Crown Court. Open days are a useful way of understanding how the criminal justice system operates, and allow students to see trials in progress. Guest speakers relating to our Beliefs in Society and Education unit are also warmly received.