Why study Spanish?

Speaking and understanding another language is an invaluable skill which can be useful in many ways throughout life. In the future, you will be competing for jobs on a European and world level and your knowledge of another language and culture will really make you stand out. Students who have studied Spanish at A level go on to have careers in a variety of sectors including teaching, translating, sales and marketing, travel & tourism, journalism, fashion, work in the foreign office or secret service, interpreting, banking.

Spanish is the second most widely-spoken language in the world with over 400 million speakers. It’s also one of the most spoken languages in Europe. Being able to speak Spanish can provide you with numerous academic and career opportunities. It will provide you with the opportunity to work and travel in Europe, Central and South America, and other Spanish-speaking countries. Through learning the language, you will be able to access the Spanish and Latin American cultures, which are rich in areas such as dance and literature.

Language skills alone are already an advantage in potential employers’ eyes, but Spanish even more so, as it’s so widely spoken. Many British and American companies conduct business in Spanishspeaking countries, and with over 30 million Spanish speakers in the US alone, it’s a great skill to have if you’re looking to work abroad.

South America is a huge agricultural producer, producing a large quantity of the world’s coffee, sugarcane and bananas. Being able to speak Spanish could open up opportunities to work for global export companies. Similarly, in Spain, the manufacturing and textile industries are strong, providing further opportunities.

More information about Spanish can be found in the subject film below or in our Sixth Form Prospectus (on our website).