Student Surveys

2021 Student Surveys

94% of students rate Maiden Erlegh School as good, very good or excellent (1% increase on 2020).

87% of main school students say they are proud to come to Maiden Erlegh School (same as 2020).

Students are also complementary about school and the following aspects of our work were rated strongly. 25 elements rated 90% or higher, the main ones being:

Teaching and Learning

  • I am challenged to think and work hard
  • (Remote Learning) work is set for each lesson


Attitudes to learning

  • I try and find out the answers and solutions for myself before asking the teacher


Behaviour and Culture

  • I understand why good behaviour is important for everyone to do well and enjoy school
  • I do my best to be kind and behave well in school


Personal, Spiritual, Moral, Cultural and Social Education

  • I understand about extremism/radicalisation, and how to protect myself from them
  • I understand how to keep myself physically fit and healthy
  • I understand the dangers of drug addiction to my health
  • I understand about British Values
  • I understand how to keep myself safe online and on social media


Pastoral care

  • Students from different cultures/religions are shown respect
  • I understand that missing school and turning up late harms my learning
  • If I missed school, I would be found out


Priorities for the next year from student survey:

  • Having a greater variety of opportunities outside the classroom such as Duke of Edinburgh and more clubs
  • Improving the aesthetics of the buildings and classrooms
  • Explore opportunities for lunch/ break outside