Student Voice

At Maiden Erlegh we strongly believe that every single student has a voice that should be heard, therefore our student voice program allows students to share who they are and what they believe in. There are a number of different ways that students can contribute to the improvement of both the school and local community.    

Please find further information about Maiden Erlegh student voice programme for 2020-2021 below. If you are interested in taking part, please speak to Miss Kelly or a member of the Senior Team.

2020/21 Programme

Student  Council Students can be selected as tutor representatives and attend half termly meetings. All students are welcome to attend. More information about the dates and locations of meetings can be found on the Student Council Google Classroom.
Youth Parliament (Making our mark, ballot).                                                                    During tutor students will be given a ballot slips where they can chose the topics that they would like the youth parliament council to focus on this year. This year’s vote is conducted online, full details on how and where to vote are on Year Group Google Classrooms.
Wokingham Borough Student Voice

Students from last year’s student council can attend the Wokingham Council Chamber to take part in the Local Council meeting to share their views.   

Student Mentors

Students can be involved in mentoring programmes to support younger students. No previous experience is necessary as long as you are enthusiastic!

Mock Trials Year 8 silver programme students can attend the Mock Trial competition. For more details about Mock Trial please speak to Mrs Moon or Miss Kelly.















Any students who would like to know more about the student voice program should speak to Miss Young or Miss Kelly.