Subject Impact and Implementation

Design and Technology

Curriculum Intent

  • All students build skills in making, coming up with ideas and analytical skills
  • Students with interests in the subject outside the classroom will be encouraged and promoted through competitions
  • Students will be given opportunities to work together to solve problems
  • Students will be given opportunities to explore areas related to the curriculum through homework

Curriculum Implementation

  • Theory lessons are regular and reinforce the knowledge in practical
  • Student challenge will be high level with opportunities to always improve
  • Clear routines in place for regular use of DIRT and peer assessment
  • Skills audits are regular and allow students to make rapid progress in the subject
  • The emphasis on a finished product is no longer the driving force for the subjects and students will learn skills and knowledge at a high level
  • Teachers allow students to make mistakes and learn from these
  • Teachers share the learning journey and regularly check that students know how the work fits into the long term goals
  • Homework reinforces the learning and at KS4 and 5 homework prepares students to learn at a higher level through flipped learning