Subject Intent and Implementation

Art and Design

Curriculum Intent

  • All students will make strong progress in Art.
  • Students will build on and master skills taught through the 4 GCSE and A level examination and assessment criteria. They will build upon and develop and master skills initiated at KS3.
  • Students will explore different materials and develop technical skills in drawing, painting,printmaking,photography,digital manipulation,mixed media and sculpture.
  • Students will develop their analytical understanding and their cultural awareness with exposure to artwork from a wide spectrum of sources.
  • Students will enjoy developing and using subject specific vocabulary and develop their oracy and literacy whilst writing and reading about artwork. This will enable them to develop their own work with context, knowledge and understanding.
  • Opportunities to experience artwork first hand with gallery visits and exposure to practising/working artists are frequent. Events such as “Artists workshops” and visiting The Peacock Gallery enable this to happen.
  • GCSE Art Club held Tuesday to Fridays after school and entering local and national Art competitions enables students to extend the curriculum.
  • Photography techniques and an understanding of aesthetics will be developed in the curriculum and in after school workshops.
  • Reading, oracy and extended writing will be supported through articulating work and during discussion connected to exam assessment criteria A01.

Curriculum Implementation

  • The GCSE 4 assessment criteria A01 to A04 will form the core basis of the Curriculum content and delivery.
  • Oracy and academic reading and academic writing will be supported by modelling good practice. The use of Google classroom will support this process.
  • Students will have the opportunity to risk take and experiment with materials and ideas. They may use spontaneous responses and chance mistake encounters . These experiments will be developed further as their creative journeys unfold.
  • Students will be trained to select and use resources independently.
  • Clear routines and expectations will be in place for transitions, presentation of work, DIRT and paired work.
  • Homework will be set to engage, consolidate and extend learning from the classroom.