Welcome Year 6 - Transition


Hello new Year 7!  A very warm welcome to Maiden Erlegh School - here you will find many great things to help you get ready to join our fantastic school and community. I want to highlight a few of these below:


School videos - Just a few videos of some key areas of the school and some key people to help you get more familiar with us before you join us.

Parent information - A booklet for parents and carers that gives key information about the transition process and the school.

Student handbook - This is for students and will give you some important information.  It will also answer some of the concerns that you might have about moving from primary to secondary school.

Support booklet - We usually have some extra sessions for some students who may feel a bit more anxious about joining us.  Since we can’t do that this year we have turned it into a PowerPoint presentation with a voiceover which any and all of you can work through if you wish.

Postcards - Here you will find some ‘postcards’ from our current Year 7s about their experience of coming to Maiden Erlegh together with some welcome messages.

Letters - A list of the communications we have sent out to parents/carers since the start of the transition process.

Subject information - Information about the subjects we study in Years 7 and 8 with some optional activities for you to complete.