Welcome year 12 - 2020

Hello everyone! I’m thrilled to introduce the 2020/21 Senior Team. All of us are incredibly excited to get started with representing the student body, and making positive change in the Maiden Erlegh community. We also realise the additional challenges we will face due to the Covid-19 pandemic, but are confident in our ability to embody the school’s values and amplify the voices of our inclusive, diverse and passionate classmates across the school.

This year’s Head Girl, Becky C , and Head Boy, Mateen K, are leading our motivated team, supported by Deputy Head Girls Abbie F and Anna P, and Deputy Head Boys Dan S and Alfie J. Together, we’ll be developing our core focus of supporting and improving the mental wellbeing of our fellow students throughout the school (alongside our Wellbeing Representatives), and creating an accepting environment in which they can communicate and discuss these topics free of stigma, pressure, or judgement. The Wellbeing Reps, Natalie O and Joshua S, aim to create a support system amongst all year groups to tackle stress and anxiety, and to encourage students to be there for one another.

We’re also extremely enthusiastic about collaborating with our Cohesion and Inclusion Representatives – Iva Z and Vanessa N – to celebrate the incredible diversity at Maiden Erlegh, recognising the importance of appreciating our differences and sharing our experiences in an open and supportive community. They will be driving forward their aims of creating unity at our school between students of all races, religions, abilities, and sexual orientations, and ensuring they are respected and listened to. This September, they will also focus on integrating the new, arriving students into an already established, close-knit community in the school to guarantee everyone feels welcomed.

Zainab M and Armaan J are this year’s House Captains, and will be focusing on developing the inclusivity of houses, as well as helping to give our peers a sense of pride when representing their house. Additionally, they wish to highlight a range of talents and proficiencies, from sports to the arts.

Please don’t forget that the function of the Senior Team is to represent your voices – as students of Maiden Erlegh – and we are always happy to hear your thoughts, opinions, and to answer any questions you might have. We look forward to seeing you all in September!

    - Abbie Ford, Deputy Head Girl